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Photovoltaic Audit

BORDAS Consulting can help you to join this energy revolution. We offer solar photovoltaic systems with efficient integrated solutions.

We can also help you reduce your energy consumption and energy bill by installing voltage optimization equipment. Our clients include homeowners, businesses, boards, consultants, contractors, home builders and architects, schools, colleges and universities; all concerned about the energy impact on the environment.

Our technologies are all supported by financing solutions so that you can transform your energy consumption without cost because our network extends to structured finance.

The goal of all our financial partners is to ensure that the the systems we install generate a positive cash flow ...

LNG expertise

In order to participate in the protection of the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions greenhouse gas, the use of natural gas is estimated to contribute about 20% to this reduction.
But also the gas allows to eliminate almost completely the harmful emissions of oxides of nitrogen and sulfur, as well as particles.
That's why, in its vocation to contribute to the defense of the environment, Bordas Consulting works with decision makers in the field of the use of liquid gas as a fuel.
This is possible thanks to the knowledge network inherited from an experience of more than 10 years in this domain. By its experts, Bordas Consulting provides technical support based on the experience of operating liquid gas mainly in the maritime field.
Future operators can benefit from feedback from these experts, in particular to specify liquefied natural gas systems to be used by combining the best equipment corresponding closer to the customer's need.
The cryogenic specificity is taken as a whole in the approach of Bordas Consulting in the choice of materials, such as in the piping configuration, in particular through the application of
international rules and regulations.
Through this bias, equipment manufacturers see the qualities of their supplies value with the concern of the operating costs for the users as well as the efficiency of the Suggested solutions.
Acting as an independent consultant, Bordas Consulting retains an independent judgment that equipment sellers often lose sight of.
This is the particular added value of such a proposal and that makes Bordas Consulting the important element to meet the objectives of customers using gas in the transport mainly maritime.